Gift Cards

Wells Film Centre Gift Cards are now available to buy at the cinema and online. Find out all about it here including how to buy a card, how to use it to book tickets online and how to top it up and check your balance.

Buying a Card

You can purchase a card online, in person at the cinema or by calling 01749 673195. We can send the card to any address, but don't forget that if it's a gift, you may want to write a message to go with it first!

The minimum value is £5.00, but other than that you can have any value you choose; there is no maximum.

Not Just a Gift ...

You don't have to buy a card as a gift - if you're a regular visitor why not set yourself a monthly 'movie budget'? You can top-up the card at any time you choose, either online or by asking the cashier in the cinema.

Using Your Card Online

You can use your card when purchasing tickets online. Just follow the booking process as normal and click 'Pay Using a Gift Card' as your payment choice. You will be prompted to type in the card number and the 4-digit PIN from the back of the card (simply scratch off the panel to find this).

Using Your Card in the Cinema

If you're buying tickets in person at the cinema, simply present your card to the cashier. You can choose to pay using your whole balance (simply pay the difference if the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the card) or you can choose to use a certain amount from the card and save the rest for next time!

You can also use your card to purchase refreshments at the cinema.

If you received your card as a gift and have now used all of your balance, why not top it up? You could set youself a monthly 'movie budget' or use it to give the kids a treat.

Checking Your Gift Card Balance

You can check the balance on your gift card at any time online and can also top it up at the same time.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can load your card with any value, but the initial minimum value when buying a card for the first time is £5.00.
  2. Your card will expire 36 months after the first purchase date, unless you add value to it again. This means that you have three years to use the value that is on the card, unless you choose to add more to it - if and when you add value, the card remains active for a further 36 months from that date.
  3. Finished with your card? Please dispose of it with care - it's plastic, so can go out with your household recycling, but make sure you cut the magnetic strip first.
  4. Neither the card, nor our computer system, holds any of your personal data - the only info we store is the number encoded on the magnetic stripe and the current balance.
  5. The physical card itself has no cash value.
  6. If you lose your card, we're afraid that we can't recover the balance by any means.
  7. We can't accept card numbers written down on paper - you must present the card to the cashier to exchange the held balance at the cinema.
  8. We reserve the right to take out of circulation any card that we may believe has been used fraudulently. An example of fraudulent use is selling the card on internet auction sites.
  9. We cannot refund Gift Card balances back as cash, nor will we exchange any remaining balances on any card for cash.
  10. A gift card can not be used to buy age restricted products unless the purchaser can prove he/she is of at least the relevant age.
  11. In the event that any payment used to activate a gift card is not authorised, or otherwise defaults, any corresponding amount added to the gift card will be removed.
  12. Only cash, credit/debit cards can be used to upload money on to gift cards; sorry we do not except cheques.