Feature Length 120 minutes

Tickets 8.50 each includes tea/coffee in the interval

Stones is a true life story based on the experiences of singer Alexander McKay. When Alex's band, Sone, derails in California he's forced to return to the UK to start over. Alex finds his voice again, as a singer songwriter, but his hopes of reigniting his career are threatened by excessive drinking. As the booze takes hold, his girlfriend, Jen, throws him out, and he loses his job when he is booed off stage for being too drunk. In the midst of this his manager, who has heard enough to line up a potential recording deal, is chasing him to write some new material. When a friend from his college days, Rachel, sees Alex sleeping rough and takes pity on him, he has one last chance to get his act together. But though he desperately wants to succeed, he can't stay away from the sauce. It is only when he finally reaches rock bottom that Rachel is able to help Alex see what he is doing to himself and those around him. But Alex is still obsessed with Jen. Can he stay sober, start writing again, and finally notice the love that is right under his nose, or will his obsessions and addictions drag him back down?